About Shawn Reid

Finding an attorney who is a passionate advocate for you and your family law case is a must when you are confronted with a serious legal issue. Aside from a wide range of experience, you want to find a family law lawyer who is not afraid to take a case to court and fight hard for you.

Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, is a dedicated, passionate and aggressive advocate for his clients. As a prosecutor for many years, Mr. Reid gained substantial courtroom experience — unique experience he brings to the table as a divorce attorney.

It's that background that makes him a formidable presence as an attorney. This is a strength that few other family law attorneys are able to match.

Many family law attorneys are reluctant to bring a case to court. However, Mr. Reid has the experience needed to determine when that is the best course of action for you in your case. Oftentimes, initiating legal action can pay dividends in terms of resolving a case faster and eliminating needless costs in the form of protracted litigation.

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