Taking Care Of Those Who Need Our Help

Sometimes, it falls to us to take action when the most vulnerable among us need help. When a child has been neglected, is in danger, has been abused or has been abandoned, it's easy to recognize the right thing to do. However, navigating this aspect of family law, known as dependency, can be tricky.

Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, has helped many Melbourne residents who have needed to intervene on behalf of a vulnerable child. He can assist those who require representation in a dependency hearing — the outcome of which could have repercussions for years to come.

Rely On Our Courtroom Experience

Having an experienced dependency lawyer on your side in this area of family law can be crucial. The court may be attempting to determine if the state should maintain custody of a child, or award custody to a family member or other interested party.

This is an extraordinary circumstance — typically not one stemming from a divorce, for example. Children in this situation may:

  • Have been abandoned by their primary caregivers.
  • Have endured physical, psychological or sexual abuse.
  • Lack adequate nutrition, clothing and other essential items.
  • Live in a household with a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Kids subjected to these conditions need an unflinching advocate who can help to persuade a court regarding their best interests. Shawn Reid has the litigation background necessary to present a compelling case for his clients. If you are attempting to gain custody of a child in this type of living environment, please contact our firm by calling 321-426-1840, toll free at 800-639-8070 or by emailing us.