Child Custody FAQs

Child custody issues can be complex and carry heated emotions. At the law offices of Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, we aim to make the family law process accessible to parents who want to make sure their interests are protected. Here are some frequently asked questions about child custody.

What is the difference between physical custody and parental responsibility?

Physical custody refers to where a child lives. Many parents divide physical custody so that a child spends time with each parent at his or her home. Parental responsibility, however, refers to a parent's ability to make decisions as to how the child is raised, such as education, religion, medical care and other such matters. Parental responsibility is frequently shared between parents, but it is possible for only one parent to have parental responsibility. A child custody lawyer in Melbourne can aid a parent who is attempting to gain custody in any form.

Will my children be split up when I go through a divorce?

Unless there is a compelling reason to do so, children in a family will generally be subject to the same custody terms. Split custody, where one child lives with one parent and another child lives with the other parent, is a rarely seen variation of custody terms.

Can I get custody or visitation rights if I'm a child's grandparent?

Grandparents' rights are increasingly gaining prominence. Working with a family law attorney can be a solid first step toward re-establishing a relationship.

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