Giving Grandparents A Voice In Custody Issues

When a family splits apart in the event of a divorce, the ramifications can be wide-ranging. After all, it's not just two people who are ending their relationship; children and extended family members also see their lives changed as a result of a divorce.

In some situations, grandparents in Melbourne have become accustomed to playing an integral role in the family dynamic. This could be something as simple as picking up their grandchildren from school to something more fundamental, such as taking in the children and personally raising them.

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After a divorce, however, a parent may not be willing to let former in-laws play such a prominent role — particularly if the children's other parent is absent or irresponsible. This could go as far as denying them any contact with their grandchildren — for many grandparents, a worst-case scenario.

This can be extremely frustrating and worrying for grandparents who fear that their grandchildren's best interests are not being met.

Grandparents who find themselves in this situation are not without hope. An experienced, tough grandparents' rights lawyer, such as Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, can challenge the status quo and work to help grandparents gain appropriate access to their grandchildren through visitation rights or, in some cases, custody rights.

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