Parents, Know Where To Turn When You Relocate

When parents divorce, child custody arrangements are part of the process. While the details that are worked out at the time are generally feasible, if one of the parents leaves the Melbourne area, then the arrangement will need to be reworked. Modification of existing child custody arrangements requires the skill of an experienced family law attorney.

Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, has represented numerous people seeking to relocate and who want to preserve their relationship with their children. It's this experience that allows him to be a forceful advocate and defender of the rights of parents, particularly those who need existing child custody arrangements to be modified because of a relocation.

Work With An Experienced Custodial Parent Relocation Lawyer

Parents don't need to move far in order to encounter a situation that could warrant modifying child custody arrangements. Even a move across town, for example, could make previously arranged pickup and drop-off times and locations no longer feasible.

Of course, moving to a different state would require considerable changes. The best interests of the child always come first, of course, but your attorney will make sure that your parental interests are upheld as faithfully as possible as well.

Interested In Learning More About The Process?

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