Child Support FAQs

Child support is a frequently misunderstood component of family law. At the law offices of Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, we attempt to make the family law process accessible to parents who want to make sure their interests are protected. Here are some frequently asked questions about child support.

Is child support only required in cases of divorce?

No. Unmarried couples who split up might also have child support awarded in their cases. Additionally, if the paternity of a child is definitively established, the man in question may be ordered to pay child support.

If I lose my job, will I still have to pay child support?

The loss of a job or other financial distress may be grounds for decreasing the amount owed in a child support order. However, by the same token, child support arrangements might also be revisited if the noncustodial parent receives a raise and his or her income level increases substantially. A Melbourne child support lawyer can help determine this.

Who is the child support for?

Child support payments are for the benefit of the child or children involved. A divorce attorney can advise a client about alimony, which may also be warranted but is considered a separate arrangement. Alimony, also known as spousal support, may or may not be required as well.

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