Protect Your Business During Your Divorce

In many ways, a divorce represents finality: the end of a marriage that may have lasted for years or even decades. But while a marriage may end, there are many aspects that have grown from the marriage that can endure.

The most obvious of these, of course, is children. But there is more to a divorce than child custody issues. For Melbourne residents who have spent years building a business, the future of that business can be up in the air during the divorce process. Working with an experienced business and divorce lawyer, such as Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, can provide both peace of mind and an aggressive approach toward retaining what you have worked so hard to build.

What Will Become Of My Business?

If there are no existing arrangements defining what is to become of the business, such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, then the business could be divided between the spouses. It is important to determine an accurate valuation of the business, as well as appropriate forecasts for its future performance. As an experienced family law attorney, Mr. Reid understands how important and personal this process can be in terms of businesses.

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