A Divorce Attorney For Older Individuals

When two people get married, the idea of living happily ever after is often in their minds. While this is certainly an admirable goal, the reality is, things don't always turn out this way. Some people might discover this early on, while for others, it could take years.

At the Melbourne offices of Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, we understand that a divorce late in life can be just as likely as one early on. No matter what your situation is, or how long you have been married, you can depend on our lawyers for aggressive representation in your senior divorce case.

A Firm That Fights For You — Always

Recent attention paid to older people getting divorced has led to the emergence of a new term to describe the phenomenon: "gray divorce." Because of the unique attributes involved in a divorce among older people, having a gray divorce lawyer who is familiar with the issues surrounding this population is key.

Mr. Reid understands this, and he is not hesitant to bring a divorce case to trial on behalf of his clients if that is in their best interests. Among older Florida residents, the stakes may be high when it comes to divorce. Property, retirement accounts and even family businesses could be up in the air. Mr. Reid will provide aggressive representation in order to protect individuals and their interests in a divorce case.

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