A Strong Ally For Those Who Serve

The men and women of our armed services carry a special place in the hearts of Americans. Their bravery and dedication to keeping us safe is an invaluable service that we can never repay. Many Florida residents are veterans or active-duty military, and our state's rich tradition is a history of which we are proud.

Unfortunately, that sacrifice and dedication may lead to hardship at home. Many military marriages end in divorce because many couples must spend long periods of time apart — often under stressful circumstances. When this happens, having a knowledgeable and aggressive family law attorney such as Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, can be a real benefit to military personnel.

Make Sure Your Interests At Home Are Protected

Mr. Reid operates his law practice in Melbourne with an understanding of the issues unique to those who serve our country in all branches of the service. These issues may include:

  • Divorce. Someone who is away from home frequently, such as someone on active-duty service, may have a limited understanding of his or her family's financial picture.
  • Child custody. The commitment to serve may take someone to bases around the country or overseas. It is important to not let this obligation detract from the rights of parents.
  • Child support. Having a tenacious lawyer can help to make sure child support obligations are met.

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