Helping Clients Achieve Fair Property Division

One of the most difficult aspects of many divorces is the division of marital assets and debts. Florida courts generally divide the marital estate in a fair and equitable manner. However, that does not necessarily mean an even split. Several factors can impact how property is divided, and having an experienced property division lawyer can help to ensure that you receive a favorable property settlement.

At the Melbourne offices of Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, we have experience handling all types of property division matters, including the division of complex high-asset estates. From determining the current and future value of a particular asset to advising clients on the potential tax implications of obtaining certain property, our attorneys are committed to a positive outcome that puts you in the most favorable position possible moving forward.

We Handle A Broad Range Of Important Issues

Depending on your circumstances, several specialized issues may need to be addressed within property division:

  • If your spouse owns a business, we can help you determine an accurate value and work to ensure that you receive an appropriate share.
  • If one spouse has substantial retirement savings, then the distribution of retirement accounts and pensions may be an issue.

Drawing on our substantial background in complex property division, we are able to advise you on key issues that other divorce attorneys might overlook. We are also unafraid to bring a case to court if the situation warrants.

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