Know The Facts About Divorce, Separation And Temporary Relief

For many people, "divorce" is a bad word. The idea of a divorce can bring up all sorts of feelings, many of them negative: fear, insecurity, financial distress. In fact, these negative feelings can often keep someone from filing for divorce, even if it is in his or her best interests to do so.

Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, is well-aware of the trepidation people may face when contemplating a divorce. He understands that many people in the Melbourne area are reluctant even to learn more about the divorce process because of the perception that they will be immediately left on their own, with no financial support from their spouse if they go forward with a divorce filing.

Bridging The Gap Until You Get Divorced

One option for people facing this dilemma is to pursue a temporary order. The reason behind this is simple: people may file a motion for temporary relief, seeking temporary spousal support, child support and child custody while divorce proceedings are under way.

This makes sense for people who are worried that they will be put under financial strain if they file for divorce and their spouse is the main income earner. Instead of a choice between staying in a bad marriage and being cut off financially, an order of temporary relief can enable a person to begin divorce proceedings and still receive financial support.

Having an experienced, aggressive lawyer can make this process less stressful. Contact attorney Shawn Reid to learn more about divorce, legal separation and spousal support. He can be reached at 321-426-1840, toll free at 800-639-8070 or by this online contact form.