Melbourne Domestic Violence Lawyer

Florida law enforcement officials take domestic violence very seriously. Domestic violence can happen in any intimate or familial relationship, including between current or former spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends, parents, siblings and roommates. Physical injury is not required for an injunction or no-contact order to be issued against an alleged abuser. The actual or perceived threat of violence is enough. If there is evidence or reasonable fear of physical injury to a victim, the alleged abuser can have a domestic violence injunction entered against him or her.

Having a domestic violence injunction entered on your record can have as serious an impact on you as a criminal conviction. When employers, prospective landlords and others see these types of entries on your background check, you are automatically labeled as a violent person, whether or not you actually committed a violent act. Having a strong Melbourne domestic violence attorney representing you in these matters is essential.

Fighting To Protect Your Rights

At the law office of Shawn Reid, Attorney at Law, we provide strong defense representation to people who have been accused of spousal abuse or domestic violence. Mr. Reid is a former prosecutor who understands these cases from all sides. In domestic violence injunction cases, alleged abusers do not receive a trial by a jury. It is a hearing before a judge, so your fate lies in the hands of one person. Mr. Reid presents the strongest possible argument to beat the injunction and works to minimize its impact.

Representation For Victims Of Domestic Violence

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, we can help you get the protection you need. From obtaining the necessary protective orders to securing temporary orders for support, custody and other considerations, we are prepared to assist you at every step of the process.

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